Tunning / Repair

We offer a fully qualified mobile piano tuning and repairs service throughout greater Adelaide. Tuning prices can vary according to the age, brand and model of the piano, the condition it is in and how long it has been since its last tuning. Please contact us for a no obligation quote on our two levels of tuning;

Standard Piano Tuning - Recommended for pianos that we have previously sold or pianos that have been regularly tuned and maintained.

Tune, Service & Clean out of Interior of piano - Recommended for older pianos, pianos that have not been tuned in the recent past or pianos which have been recently moved. We tune and service the entire piano including the pedal mechanism, dismantle the keyboard and playing mechanism to clean out dust and dirt which has built up of the years. We also clean and disinfect the key tops with anti bacterial solution removing years of grime.

Grand Piano Tune, Service & Clean Out - Designed for grand pianos that have not been tuned for many years and in a general sad and sorry state. In addition to tuning, servicing and cleaning out the piano (as above) we remove the mechanism and inspect each note to make sure it mechanically plays as it should and also check over the entire pedal mechanism.

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