Piano Restoration

Which pianos are worthy of restoration and why should you consider a classic, restored, hand-made piano over a new factory-made piano?

The golden era of pianos is widely thought of as between 1915 and 1940.  By 1915 the piano industry was the largest industry in the world with over 5000 manufacturers spread mainly across Europe and the United States.

By 1940, the world's top piano manufacturers, Steinway, Bosendorfer, Bluthner and Bechstein, had perfected the art of piano design and construction but sadly, from that time, there was a steady decline in quality in the name of mass production.

The fundamental mechanics and structural design of a piano has remained largely unchanged since the early 1900s,  However, rather than advancements in technology, it is more accurate to say that sacrifices in design and manufacturing processes have since been made in the name of minimising costs and maximising profits.

A handful of modern, top quality piano manufacturers still use traditional design and manufacturing techniques.  However, nowadays, most modern pianos are mass produced using cheap parts and materials by machines and robots instead of traditional human labour. 

For these reasons, a high quality piano from between 1915 and 1940 is often an excellent choice for a home piano.  In most cases, it will be far more superior in both tone and touch as well as in its aesthetic aspects, such as keyboard and cabinet construction.  We have young children ourselves and believe it is vitally important that the next generation has a chance to play on these high-quality instruments from yesteryear.

Mobile Piano Service sources its pianos for restoration from all around Australia, with only the very best being chosen for restoration and resale.  All of our restored pianos are sold with a full 12-year written warranty for your piece of mind together with personal delivery to your home and in-home tuning after delivery.

If you are thinking of restoring a piano you currently own, please feel free to contact us for a free no obligation quote.  We are often in Melbourne and Perth doing various piano related matters, so interstate enquiries are welcome and encouraged.

Take a look at our latest restoration of Mahogany Steinway K52 here!


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Our recent restoration jobs

'Three Crown' Ronisch Upright Grand Piano

The restoration of this Three Crown Ronisch upright grand piano was undertaken in our workshop in January and February 2016. Over 200 hours was taken to complete this restoration with the parts and materials sourced from West Germany. The piano was French Polished by hand in our workshop. Restored for Merryn from Perth WA for $8,495.

R6 R3

R4 R2

Ronisch 1


'2 Crown' Richard Lipp and Sohn Upright Grand Piano

The restoration of this '2 Crown' Richard Lipp upright grand piano was undertaken in our workshop in June 2017.  Our restoration team spent over 200 hours completing the restoration, with parts and materials sourced from Germany.  The french polishing was done by hand in our workshop.  This piano can been viewed in our store and is available to purchase for $4,495.