Yamaha UXPE – $6,495

This model piano is a rare find in Australia, a high-quality Yamaha UX Concert Upright Piano, fully manufactured in Japan in 1983 during the golden era of Japanese piano manufacture. 

A popular choice for professionals and music teachers, the full Size UX model was the upgrade to the standard U3H models and is the highest grade full-size piano from this era. This model Yamaha rarely comes up for sale in Australia and is in high demand.

Yamaha UX pianos have a double strength full iron frame, are fully overstrung and have a high-quality timber constructed Yamaha underdamper playing mechanism.  They also have the unique X-Back tuning system.  The UX Concert Upright stands apart from other pianos, with its deep and powerful bass and clear and crisp treble – its tone is more like a Baby Grand than an Upright.  A handy feature of this model is the third ‘practise’ pedal, which locks down to quieten the sound allowing night-time or silent playing without disturbing others.

This piano features a gloss black cabinet which is in immaculate, as new condition, as is the keyboard, internal iron frame, soundboard and strings.  The piano mechanism is also immaculate with very little wear and tear and the brasswork is in excellent condition. There is not a single mark or blemish anywhere on this piano which is a credit to the previous owners.

The new equivalent model to this piano, the YUS3, now retails for in excess of $18,000 and is in our opinion, inferior to this model piano. Therefore, this piano represents excellent value for money, if you are looking for a piano comparable to a new model.

Since receiving the piano, it has been completely disassembled in our workshop and we have conducted a full service and action regulation, full interior and exterior clean and detail and triple tuning to concert pitch.  The keyboard has been tightened and levelled and the touch evened up to ensure a smooth playing experience.

A matching duet piano bench is included with leather top and lift-up seat for music book storage.

The price includes professional insured delivery and installation, 12-year warranty and premium care package including free tuning after delivery.