Yamaha UX3 – $6,495


This piano is an extremely rare find: a top of the range, full-size, Yamaha U3X Upright Grand Piano (131cm).  (Equivalent model to the YUS3 that now retails for $16,995). 

These pianos were designed and manufactured in the Yamaha international piano factory in Japan during the golden era of Japanese piano manufacture. 

The mechanism and components are manufactured completely from traditional processes and materials, such as wood, as opposed to cheaper brands manufactured from plastic and carbon fibre. 

Everything about this piano is in 'as new' condition.  The cabinet and brasswork, keyboard, mechanism and structure are all immaculate, as is the keyboard which is glistening white with not a single mark or scratch in any of the keys. 

The mechanism has been completely refurbished and regulated in the Yamaha piano factory and the piano has been fully tuned to concert pitch in our workshop.  We will provide a written certificate of warranty for 12 years on this piano. 

The piano would suit the new piano buyer looking for an equivalent new model.  Suitable for all levels of playing but especially professional pianists, those studying music etc.