Yamaha U3A – $6,495

This Full Size Yamaha U3A upright piano was manufactured in 1984. These pianos were only manufactured between 1984 - 1987 and are widely recognised as the highest quality full Size Yamaha pianos of all time.

 These pianos were designed and manufactured in the Yamaha international piano factory in Japan, the mechanism and components are manufactured completely from traditional wood as opposed to cheaper brands of the time manufactured from plastic and carbon fibre. 

The Yamaha U3A is in high demand throughout Australia as limited numbers of these pianos came into the country.  It has an extremely robust frame and structure which stabilises tuning and produces a higher quality and clarity of sound. 

This particular piano is one of the finest examples we have seen and it will sell extremely fast.  It has a beautiful deep and mellow tone typical of a quality U3A and a lovely even touch. 

We have fully tuned, serviced and regulated the piano mechanism and it is ready for its new home.