Yamaha Piano – $2,495.00

This piano is a fully reconditioned Yamaha Upright piano, fully manufactured using Japanese parts and labour during the golden era of Yamaha pianos.  This era is widely considered to be the peak of Yamaha piano production, prior to when they began manufacturing their pianos in Indonesia.  The piano has been used for the past 10 years to teach 2 children to play piano, they have now left home and the piano has been traded into us ready for its new family!

The polished Walnut cabinet is in excellent condition, as are the keyboard felts and keytops.  The piano mechanism has new felts and centre pins installed and the internal structure including frame, soundboard and strings are all in excellent condition with minimal wear and tear.

This model of Yamaha piano is a typical Japanese made item, reliable as they come!  It has a full iron frame, is overstrung and has an underdamper playing mechanism.  Since receiving the piano, we have completely disassembled it and have conducted a full interior and exterior clean and detail, full tuning to concert pitch, full service and full regulation.  The keyboard has been tightened and levelled and the touch evened up to ensure a smooth playing experience.

The price of the piano also includes professional insured delivery and installation, tuning after delivery, matching piano bench, 12 year warranty system including premium care package.

Country and interstate enquiries welcome and encouraged, delivery & tuning packages interstate easily arranged.