Wertheim Piano – $2,995

This fully refurbished Wertheim 'Gold Scroll' upright grand piano (131cm tall) was manufactured in Melbourne during the golden era of German piano manufacture.  The internal structure of the piano is of the highest quality and comprises a full iron frame, quality overstrung design and hand-made, solid timber underdamper playing action.  Structurally and mechanically this piano is far more superior than most modern pianos made from plastic components and chipboard panelling.

The piano has just been released from our piano restoration workshop, having undertaken a full interior refurbish, adjustment, service and tuning to concert pitch.  The striking European burl walnut cabinet has been fully repolished by hand.  The piano has a beautiful grain pattern and hand carved artisan style panels and mouldings unique to the cabinet maker who originally manufactured the timber cabinet of the piano.  The original keyboard is in beautiful condition and has been fully restored, including keyboard pins and felts.

This is a beautiful original Vintage Australian made piano suitable for all levels of playing from beginners to advanced musicians.  It has a lovely deep, powerful and warm tone typical of a piano from this era.

The price includes professional delivery, a piano bench, after delivery tuning and a 12 year warranty.