1918 Steinway Player – $16,995

This rare 1918 'Steinway & Sons' Player Piano was manufactured during the golden era of Steinway Piano, at a time when they were in the peak of their manufacturing processes.

This piano is a beautiful hand crafted instrument that has been fully restored from the ground up.  The restoration involved more than 250 hours' labour and included a full re-pin and re-string, full piano action rebuild, full Player piano mechanism rebuild and full strip and repolish to the cabinet.

This could possibly be the rarest piano in this condition in Australia as very few came into the country.  Manufactured in 1918, the serial number is 168,859.

The beautiful Brazilian mahogany cabinet has been repolished to an extremely high standard and has a classy and strong look that will act as a magnificent feature piece in any room.

These pianos were made to last a lifetime.  This Player piano now has in excess of 50 years of maintenance free life ahead of it.  It is ready for its next home and would make a beautiful piece to hand down to future generations.