1914 Steinway Piano – $16,995

This piano has just been released from our piano restoration workshop in Norwood. It is an extremely rare, fully restored, 1914 Steinway Concert Upright. 

This magnificent hand-made instrument was manufactured in the Steinway & Sons piano factory in New York during the golden era of the piano industry.  Steinway & Sons is considered to be the most prestigious of all piano manufacturers alongside Bluthner, Bosendorfer and Bechstein.  No new piano will ever be made to this standard again and as a result, these high-quality vintage Steinway & Sons pianos are now becoming extremely collectable and sought after.

The internal structure of the piano is of the highest quality and comprises a full double strength gold plated iron frame, quality overstrung design and hand-made, solid timber patented Steinway & Sons playing action.  From a structural and mechanical perspective, this piano is far more superior than any modern piano you could purchase today. 

Our piano restoration workshop has undertaken a full restoration of this Steinway, including a full restring and repin with high quality German Roseau piano wire and custom made German bass strings.  The playing mechanism has been completely rebuilt from the ground up including new hammers, hammer shanks, hammer butts, whipped assembly, dampers, damper felts, bridle tapes and all centre pins.  The original ivory and ebony keyboard has been completely restored to concourse condition and the pedal mechanism has been overhauled with all felts, levers and springs removed and replaced.

The piano cabinet reflects the classic square styling of the time and is hand-crafted from Brazilian mahogany, a timber that is extremely rare and now protected.  Brazilian mahogany now retails for over $250 per square inch.  The cabinet was repolished in our workshop, along with all hardware including hinges, screws, locks and pedals.

As an added point of interest, this piano also contains a fully functioning, factory installed, duo-art pianola mechanism.  There are two fold-out pedals that allow the piano to play itself and it comes with over 50 rolls of music.

Nothing has been left to chance with this restoration and no stone left unturned, as such it will come with our full top level 25 year warranty.  The piano is part of our Exclusive collection.

This beautiful original German piano is suitable for all levels of playing from beginners to advanced.  It has a lovely warm tone typical of a high-quality piano from this era.  Give your home a unique feature piece that will only appreciate in value as these high quality European pianos become more collectable.  The piano is a forever piano that can be passed down to future generations.

The price includes professional, fully insured delivery, matching restored piano bench with lift up lid and a full 25-year warranty.  Also included is our premium care package including free first tuning and ongoing scheduled maintenance of the piano.

Flexible payment options available, we accept all major credit cards including Amex.