Ronisch Artiste – $9,495


This extremely rare 1926 model Ronisch 'Artiste' upright grand piano (132cm) was manufactured during the golden era of the European piano industry.

Ronisch pianos were hand made in Berlin, Germany, using extremely high quality parts, material and German labour and were considered one of the most prestigious pianos in the world during this time.  It was said to have taken 2 craftsmen over 6 months to manufacture each piano.

This piano was sourced from a private collector of rare German musical instruments in Sydney and transported to our workshop in Norwood for restoration.  The piano has been fully restored to concourse condition in our workshop.  The beautiful hand carved mahogany cabinet has been completely stripped back to bare wood and re-French polished by hand.  The original ivory keyboard has been meticulously restored as has the German underdamper playing mechanism.

Price includes professional delivery, tuning (post-delivery), a matching piano bench and full 12-year warranty.