Julius Blunther – $9,995

This magnificent Bluthner Concert Upright Piano has been fully restored and rebuilt in our piano workshop in Norwood.

The following work has been carried out on this piano:

  • All original tuning pins removed and replaced with high quality nickel plated tuning pins;
  • Removal of the iron frame and restoration of the original spruce soundboard including shimming;
  • Full restring of all treble strings with high quality Roslau piano wire;
  • Full restring of all bass strings with quality copper-wound bass strings hand made in Europe;
  • Full rebuild of the beautiful original Ivory and Ebony keyboard including new felts throughout;
  • Full rebuild of the patented Bluthner Piano action including new felts and centre pins throughout;
  • Full rebuild of the pedal trap and associated mechanism and rods.

Nothing has been left to chance in this restoration, over 300hrs of labour has gone into this job.  There are few businesses anywhere in Australia that have the skills to restore a piano to this standard.

Bluthner upright pianos now retail for in excess of $75,000 AUD.

Bluthner pianos restored to this standard fetch up to $25,000 AUD in Europe.

This classic pre-war German hand made instrument must be seen and played to be appreciated.  A forever piano with no need to ever upgrade.