Alex.Steinbach – $2,295

This piano is a lovely Alex.Steinbach professional upright, manufactured in Korea in 1994. A rare 'special order' light walnut example that was difficult to obtain as they were limited in supply.  Light walnut was an extremely popular colour choice for matching with both light and dark flooring.  Alex.Steinbach pianos are also a popular choice for professionals and music teachers and this particular piano is a beautiful example combining a sleek modern design with a beautiful tone.  They were an expensive instrument in their day and are in high demand and short supply in Australia.

Alex.Steinbach pianos have a full iron frame, are fully overstrung (have a longer string length) and have a high-quality timber constructed underdamper playing mechanism.  This piano also has a third practise pedal which locks down to halve the sound, allowing night time playing without disturbing others.

The light walnut finish is in immaculate condition, as is the keyboard, internal iron frame, soundboard and strings.  The piano mechanism is also immaculate, with very little wear and tear.  The brasswork is excellent, with no rust or damage.

The piano was previously owned by a family in Glenelg and is a true 1 owner Piano.  It was used to teach 2 young girls, who have both now grown up and left home.

Since receiving the piano, we have completely disassembled it in our workshop and conducted a full interior and exterior clean, detail and triple tuning to concert pitch, together with a full service and action regulation.  The keyboard has been tightened and levelled and the touch evened up to ensure a smooth playing experience.

The price includes professional insured delivery and installation, matching piano bench, 12 year warranty system and after-delivery tuning.