Beale ‘Bijou’ – $2,495

This piano is a classic 1954, mid-century Beale 'Bijou' model, manufactured in Sydney, Australia during the golden era of Australian piano manufacturing.  In a time when quality labour was cheap and high-quality materials were used, this piano was hand-made and comprises a solid dark walnut cabinet, solid brass hardware including hinges, locks and even solid brass screws!

The dark walnut cabinet has been fully re-polished in our piano restoration workshop, all keys removed, cleaned, re-aligned, replaced and the keyboard completely levelled.  The quality German Schwander piano action has been fully refurbished and the piano has been serviced, regulated (overall adjustment) and tuned to concert pitch.

Beale pianos have a full iron frame, are fully overstrung (have a longer string length) and have a high-quality timber constructed underdamper playing mechanism.  Unlike the comparable sized new pianos now manufactured in Indonesia, the panels in this model are solid timber, not chipboard and the piano has metal reinforcement throughout making them an extremely robust instrument.

The piano is a true 1 owner, purchased by Mr. Fisher of Currie Street, Adelaide on 28th February 1954 for 290 pounds, as shown in the original receipt which comes framed with the piano. The piano was originally sold by Savery's music, 29 Rundle Street Adelaide, an iconic piano store that operated throughout South Australia for over 50 years.  The piano also comes with the original matching piano stool.

The price of the piano also includes professional insured delivery and installation, tuning after delivery, matching piano bench, 12-year warranty and the original framed receipt.