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Mobile Piano Service is Adelaide’s only specialist acoustic piano tuning, repair and restoration workshop and store.  We know pianos inside and out and are South Australia’s only member of the Master Piano Tuners, Repairers and Restorers Association of Australia Inc.

We have a range of new, refurbished and restored pianos available for sale in our store - our current selection is shown below.  Being piano technicians, our focus is not on selling, but on ensuring you have all the information you need to make the best choice for you.   We love pianos and we want you to love yours too!

All our second-hand pianos have been fully refurbished or restored in our own workshop by our highly-skilled restoration team and come with a full warranty, just like our new pianos. 

We pride ourselves on our after sales customer service and support and all of the pianos we sell come with free professional delivery, piano bench and a 12 year warranty. Also included is our premium care package including free first tuning and ongoing scheduled maintenance of the piano.

Even if we do not have what you are looking for, if you have found a piano privately that you would like some advice about, or need a quote to have it removed, tuned or reconditioned, please feel free to ask!

Interstate and regional SA enquiries are welcomed and encouraged.  We regularly transport pianos to Melbourne and Perth and can easily arrange transportation for any pianos we have for sale.

Piano Workshop & Store Opening Hours:

Our store is always staffed, however if you are thinking about dropping in to view and discuss purchasing a piano from us, it's a good idea to call or text us first on 0408221272 as we are often out tuning, repairing or moving pianos

  • Mon - Fri:  9.00 am - 5.30 pm
  • Sat:   9.00 am - 4.00 pm
  • Sunday: By Appointment (we only live 10 mins away and it's absolutely no bother to meet you at the shop).

*Our workshop is closed for Christmas and will reopen at 9am on Saturday 30th December. We are still taking phone calls and can meet people by appointment to look at Pianos in our store - we only live 5 mins away! Call Joe on 0408221272.

Information Guides - Please feel free to download our FREE guides:

Buyers Guide to Pre-Loved Acoustic Pianos

Refurbished Yamaha Piano Buyers Guide






  • Lisner Piano – $1,995

    Lisner Piano – $1,995

    This lovely vintage handmade 'Lisner’ piano was manufactured in Germany during the golden era of European piano manufacturing, when quality labour was in demand and high quality materials were used.…

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  • Alex.Steinbach – $2,295

    Alex.Steinbach – $2,295

    This piano is a lovely Alex.Steinbach professional upright, manufactured in Korea in 1994. A rare 'special order' light walnut example that was difficult to obtain as they were limited in…

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  • Beale ‘Bijou’ – $2,495

    Beale ‘Bijou’ – $2,495

    This piano is a classic 1954, mid-century Beale 'Bijou' model, manufactured in Sydney, Australia during the golden era of Australian piano manufacturing.  In a time when quality labour was cheap…

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  • Beale Piano – $2,795

    Beale Piano – $2,795

    This piano was previously owned by a family in Golden Grove.  We have tuned the piano for them for many years and they recently moved interstate and asked if we…

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  • Wertheim Piano – $2,995

    Wertheim Piano – $2,995

    This classic 1924 model Wertheim 'Gold Scroll' piano was manufactured in Melbourne, Australia during the golden era of Australian piano manufacturing.  In a time when quality labour in demand and…

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  • Yamaha Piano U3H – $4,495

    Yamaha Piano U3H – $4,495

    This piano is a full size (131cm high) Yamaha U3H Upright Grand Piano manufactured in Japan in the 1980's during the golden era of Japanese pianos.  This piano is not a refurbished…

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  • 2 Crown Richard Lipp – $4,495

    2 Crown Richard Lipp – $4,495

    This piano is a classic 2 Crown Richard Lipp & Sohn Upright Piano which has been fully refurbished in our piano workshop in Norwood. Manufactured in 1904, the 2 Crown…

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  • Yamaha U2MPE – $4,995

    Yamaha U2MPE – $4,995

    This Yamaha U2MPE, professional upright, is a rare find.  A music teacher standard, gold model, AAA rated piano, it was manufactured by Yamaha in Japan in 1983, during the golden…

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  • Yamaha U3H(Special) – $5,495

    Yamaha U3H(Special) – $5,495

    This particular piano is a rare find in Australia, a high quality Yamaha U3H(Special) polished ebony upright piano fully manufactured in Japan in 1981, during the golden era of Japanese…

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  • NEW Alex.Steinbach ‘Romance’

    NEW Alex.Steinbach ‘Romance’

    RRP - $7,495 We hold South Australia's only licence to sell Alex.Steinbach's range of German designed upright and grand pianos.   The Alex.Steinbach 'Romance' model is the largest selling German-designed piano in Australia.…

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  • Yamaha YUA5 – $8,995

    Yamaha YUA5 – $8,995

    This classic 1981 Yamaha 'YUA5’ model piano presents immaculately in ‘As New’ condition. It was manufactured entirely in Japan, during the golden era of Japanese piano manufacturing, using high quality…

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  • Concord Upright Grand – $8,995

    Concord Upright Grand – $8,995

    This 1938 Concord Upright Grand Piano has just been released from our piano restoration workshop.  It is a magnificent, fully refurbished and repolished 1938 green frame 'Concord' upright grand piano…

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  • Ronisch 3 Crown – $8,995

    Ronisch 3 Crown – $8,995

    This particular piano is a restored 1908 3 Crown Ronisch 'Artiste' upright grand piano (132cm tall) manufactured in Berlin, Germany during the peak of the European Piano manufacturing industry.  The…

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  • Julius Blunther – $9,995

    Julius Blunther – $9,995

    This magnificent Bluthner Concert Upright Piano has been fully restored and rebuilt in our piano workshop in Norwood. The following work has been carried out on this piano: All original…

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  • Young Chang Grand – $12,990

    Young Chang Grand – $12,990

    This piano is a top of the range 'Young Chang' Semi-Concert Grand Piano.  Throughout the 1990's, Young Chang pianos competed with Yamaha and Kawai for the Australian piano market.  They…

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  • NEW Alex.Steinbach Elegance II

    NEW Alex.Steinbach Elegance II

    RRP $16,995 This is a brand new Alex.Steinbach 'Elegance II' Baby Grand Piano.  These pianos are in high demand and short supply in Australia, yet we have managed to secure…

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  • 1914 Steinway Piano – $16,995

    1914 Steinway Piano – $16,995

    This piano has just been released from our piano restoration workshop in Norwood. It is an extremely rare, fully restored, 1914 Steinway Concert Upright.  This magnificent hand-made instrument was manufactured…

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  • Yamaha G1 Baby Grand – $16,995

    Yamaha G1 Baby Grand – $16,995

    This 2002 Yamaha G1LPE Disklavier (Silent / Recording) Baby Grand is a rare find in Australia.  It was manufactured in Japan in 2002 during the golden era of Japanese piano…

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  • Yamaha C3L Grand – $18,995

    Yamaha C3L Grand – $18,995

    This beautiful, 183 cm, Yamaha C3L Conservatory Series Grand Piano was manufactured by Yamaha in Japan in 1998. Everything about this piano is in 'as new' condition. The beautiful gloss…

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  • Bechstein Model ‘B’ Grand

    Bechstein Model ‘B’ Grand

    $22,995 - Deposit Taken. This beautiful grand piano has just been released from our restoration workshop and is part of our exclusive European collection.  It is a rare and beautiful…

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