How do I fix a sticking key?

Sticking keys are generally as result of moisture build up in the keyboard. The structure of a piano keyboard is primarily made up of the wooden keys as well as a number of paper and cloth felts. Sticking notes develop when any or all of these three components attracts moisture build up. In climates such as those found in South…
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Beale Pianos – Their history, value and are they worth restoring?

Beale Pianos were originally founded by Octavius Beale in 1893, in Annandale, NSW. The Beale Piano Company rose to be the largest piano manufacturer in the British Empire at one stage, producing more than 90,000 pianos from 1893 to 1975. Of particular note is the unique 'steel tuning system' that Beale Pianos patented which was designed to withstand the dry, hot conditions found…
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